"In the 20th century IT focused on the 'T' - Technology. In the 21st century IT will be focused on the 'I' - Information."

- - John Eichenlaub, "Best Practices of Web Design", Web 2.0 Business Conference, Boston MA, October 2006
  • Analytical Services
  • Web Design / Development
  • Custom Business Applications
  • Information Management Systems
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You and your team have the talent, experience and tools for success.
Do you know where those tools are and can you get to them when you need them?

How well do you know your business?

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Focusing on delivering the right information

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Making your applications user friendly

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Who knows the answer and where are they?

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Project XXI is dedicated to the development of effective, efficient Information Management Services to use your most valuable asset: INFORMATION, to reduce costs, increase operational visibility and sustain productivity growth.

INFORMATION is more than just DATA.
INFORMATION is organized DATA delivered in productive, usable forms to give you INSIGHT.

For over a 15 years, Project XXI has been building Web Sites, Business Intelligence systems, Content Management systems, Knowledge Management systems and Business Process Support applications for a select clientele to fulfill the growing need to manage the delivery of the ever-increasingly growth of information, leveraging existing data resources and current information technologies to bring the power of information to the surface.

Project XXI has specialized in information management and delivery applications using browser based systems. In addition to technical prowess, PXXI staff has done significant research in Cognitive Anthropology, Education, technology use in organizations, organizational change, building supporting linkages to business process and human/computer interaction.

We are is dedicated to uncovering what is there and the creating foundations for future growth through smart provisioning, flexible distribution channel management and resource marshalling.

Project XXI is an exceptional partner in putting the information you have to work.

Project XXI
1190 Collinwood Ave.
Akron OH 44310-1140 USA

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