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For nearly 20 years, we have been providing Analysis Services, System Planning, building Web Sites, Business Intelligence systems, Content Management system, Knowledge Management systems and custom Business Applications for a select clientele to fulfill the growing need to manage the explosive growth of information. We focus on leveraging existing data resources with advanced information technologies and innovative approaches to bring the power of information to the surface.

Project XXI specializes in information management and applications using browser based systems. In addition to technical prowess, PXXI staff has done significant research in Cognitive Anthropology, Education, technology use in organizations, organizational change and human/computer interaction. It is this breadth of knowledge and experience that makes Project XXI an exceptional partner in solving problems, overcoming challenges, and putting the information you have to work.

Founded in 1992, Project XXI is dedicated to a holistic approach to application and system development that spans the entire life cycle from conceptual foundations through the requirement phases, functional testing, usability reviews, maintainance planning, support development, and implementation.

Our partnering approach is direct and emphasizes tactical solutions with strategic awareness to maximize future opportunities as your enterprise grows.

  1. Define the problem.
  2. Collect and document the requirements.
  3. Develop solutions that are feasible with superior ROI.
  4. Always do what will serve our client's best interest.

Project XXI
3713 Seneca St.
Stow OH 44224-4155 USA

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"In the 20th century IT focused on the 'T' - Technology. In the 21st century IT will be focused on the 'I' - Information."

- - John Eichenlaub
"Best Practices of Web Design"
Web 2.0 Business Conference
Boston MA, October 2006

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John L. Eichenlaub, Jr.