Content Management:    Focusing on delivering the right information.

Content Management empowers you to deliver managed, planned, efficient content and information to the right people at the right time.

Business web sites, intranets, extranets, internets, and desktop web applications have become the default 'Go To' resource to find what is relevant and important to your users, both internal and external. The challenge facing site managers and operations managers is, "How do I get the most current, most relevant and most important information to the people who need it without incurring overwhelming expense?"

CCM Imageontent Managment systems are designed to address three issues:

  • Reduce updating costs while insuring information focus through centrally managed & monitored contributions.
  • Targeting specific users/user groups.
  • Organizing information into easily navigated arrangements that understand the users point of view with a focus on effective Searchability.

The key functional approaches are: Customization and Personalization. In relatively simple designs what is typically managed is 'passive' information: documents, lists, notices, and other formats, meant for reading. Within that product space there is a wealth of product offerings for your business to chose among.

Mature designs include:

  • Integration with Business Intelligence reports and resources while controlling distribution to interested and authorized users.
    Empowerment through targeted provisioning.
  • Delivery of access points to resources and computer applications residing in multiple company systems through managed delivery that is sensitive to the users role within the organization, their identity, and empowering users to be more productive. Powerful CMS applications also offer a platform for new application development to provide new software or the replacement of older less versatile software applications.
    Productivity through empowerment.
  • In semi-private domains (extranets) delivering current relationship information becomes manageable by delivering updates to distributed applications and account updates to build stronger collaborative relationships with your partners. Focus is on targeted delivery of business information to specific partners while limiting it to the authorized users which builds a stronger partnership foundation based trust and sharing. Your partners will have full access to what is theirs, but no access to what does not involve them.
    Collaboration without compromising confidentiality or security.
  • In the public domain, product and services can be constantly updated in a maintainable, managed distribution channels by extending greater customization and personalization to each user. Marketing information moves beyond 'shotgun' style releases to focused messaging, micro-market management, and targeted offerings.
    Each marketing dollar aimed at the heart of the market.

Project XXI has developed complex CM systems for corporate clients using a variety of platforms and tools that include Java based software (Servlet and Portals), SharePoint (Microsoft), and Open Source resources. Our staff brings an indepth understanding of both technology and information management to bear on the delivery of maintainable, scalable, stable information distribution management. Delivery includes training your staff to maintain and extend the system as your company and needs grow.